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Skills for Unemployed and Underemployed Labour(SkillFUL): Promoting sustainable training in the informal economy for poverty reduction

  Key Facts & Figures

► In Bangladesh around 49.5 million labour force work in both formal and informal sectors.
► About 88% of the workers are employed in the informal economy.
► The highest concentration of workers in the informal economy is found in the rural areas (92%), with most of them working in the agricultural sector.
► Around 40% of the total labour force in Bangladesh lacks any form of education and possesses little or no skills.

The project SkillFUL focuses on improving the earning capacity of the labour force in the informal economy. The project utilises participation of training providers, business and industries, government organisations, local authorities, community leaders, professionals in skills development, and local elites during design to evaluation stages of marketable skills training programs. Primary concern and direction of the project is building career of the trained people by giving them relevant skills training and offering post training support services. The project working areas include Dhaka, Kurigram, Bogra, Sunamganj, Nilphamari and Jessore. Swisscontact is implementing the SkillFUL project in collaboration with Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES), a non-profit organisation. The project is funded by the European Union and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

The project aims to facilitate vocational training that is flexible and need-based, with courses at affordable costs of short durations conducted at convenient locations through public and private training providers. The involvement of relevant stakeholders from both the formal technical vocational education and training (TVET) institutions and the informal economy, in the development of the training courses will strengthen their linkages as well as ensure the labour market orientation of the training programs.
Furthermore, adequate employment support will address the gaps between the informal and formal systems and provide useful insights on most relevant professional skills and possible areas of improvement. The employment support includes job counselling, placement, internship, advocacy and assistance in self-employment.

Major project activities include:
• Strengthening capacity of service providers,
• Supporting the development of relevant training for the labour force in the informal economy,
• Promotion of better information systems in the labour market,
• Facilitation of training programs to selected target groups as per the needs assessed,
• Supporting qualifications, testing and certification to the trained,
• Facilitation of job placement services and provisions of continuous career development services
• Facilitating linkage of trainees and training providers with financial institutions,
• Organise workshops, seminars, policy dialogue and produce publications to promote exchange of good practices.

The Project is being implemented since March 2011 and will continue till 2015. By 2015, the Project expects 20,200 youth will be benefitted as a result of the interventions.


Contact details:
More information on the project can be obtained from Mr. Manfred Egger, Senior Technical Advisor, (




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