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Swisscontact is a Zurich-based organization founded in 1959 by members of the Swiss private sector and academia for sustainable development cooperation. Its aim is to contribute to poverty alleviation by promoting economic and social development in selected developing countries. The leading principle of Swisscontact is ‘Helping others to help themselves'. The Swisscontact South Asia Regional Office based in Bangladesh is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau as an international NGO.

Swisscontact aims to contribute to improving standards of living in South Asia by promoting equitable access to economic participation to all members of the economy particularly those from poor socio economic backgrounds, disadvantaged groups and women. It does so by promoting enterprise development, skills development, compliance and improving the enabling environment for private sector development.

Swisscontact facilitates sustainable solutions through long-term cooperation by engaging local players and working with a diverse range of public and private partners.

  • 2014-09-15
    Swisscontact organises annual Asia Seminar 2014 in Nepal
    A two-day long Asia Seminar was held in Kathmandu to exchange updates on South Asia and South East Asia
  • 2014-09-15
    Swisscontact organises MSD/M4P Positioning and Capacity Development Workshop in Nepal
    A three-day long workshop was held in Kathmandu to confer on the Capacity Development Manual by Swisscontact
  • 2014-08-25
    ToT for the Community Paramedic Training Institutes by TARSAN
    Refreshers ToT on Enhancing Training Quality and Facilitation Skills for Community Paramedic Training Institutes
  • 2014-08-24
    First step towards the development of a new green business initiative
    Value for Waste (HSWMP) and TARANGO sign a MoU to jointly facilitate the development of a new green business initiative in Dhaka
  • 2014-08-20
    SkillFUL Conference 2014 held at the Daily Star Centre
    Importance of skills training stressed
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